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 Bettering Lives with Data

At The Self Institute we provide you with the tools, resources and intelligence to empower you to take greater control of your health and privacy,  to live you life to your greatest potential

We call this Absolute Human Health


Our Focus


We enable all people, wherever they may be, deserve the right to utilize technology to track and measure their Absolute Human Health 

Citizen science

We allow individuals the opportunity to participate in ethical scientific research. In doing so we can all support the scientific community through crowdsourced data to help advance medical progress.

Comprehensive Health

We explore a broader understanding of the quantified-self to include more health and lifestyle metrics. This broader analysis offers a more comprehensive picture our individual health and development

Self-Sovereign Identity

We believe that all individual data should be explicitly  owned and managed by the individual. The privacy of all personal data metrics is your soverign right.

Our Vision

Every single part of our human health consists of billions of pieces of inter-connected information.  This information connects to every aspect of our health and wellbeing.

At the Self Institute we have a vision for a world where every available piece of relevant information is available to enable us, as individual humans, to take control of our own personal health, to protect our privacy, and to take control of our own destiny.

Our Mission

In today’s world there exists an infinite amount of data and intelligence to guide both our  individual and collective human development.

But historically we have not had access to collective health intelligence and trends, and we have not been able to maintain control and privacy of our personal health data. And until recently, we have not had open access to the tools which can help us understand or analyze our personal health metrics.  

 At the Health Institute, we are dedicated to our mission that protects our most fundamental human data and opens up a transformative world of connected understanding, enabling us to live our very best lives in every sense of the meaning.

It is our mission to lead this journey towards what we call Absolute Human Health.

What We Do

We provide you with the tools and resources to empower you to enjoy your very best Absolute Human Health. We allow you to take back control of your health and privacy in an easily managed and understood manner, with simple language and clear options that empower you to make transformative decisions about your health and wellbeing.

Why We Do It

Absolute Human Health is about much more than our individual physical health.

Our mental health and wellbeing are intrinsically connected to our physical health.

Our financial health supports our basic material needs in life. Strong variances in financial health impact effect our mental and physical health.

The health of the community around us provides us with a sense of human belonging, dignity and inclusion.

 All of these categories above are inter-connected with continuous data points. As we start to connect the data, a new world of incremental understanding and improvement evolves. As we connect different lifestyle metrics we are able you to understand the broader health implications around our lifestyle. For example, how our media consumption, working hours and sleep impacts our blood pressure. The positive impact of time outdoors, exercise and nutrition can all have a significant impact on our mental health. And we are only just beginning to explore the immense value, yet to be discovered, within our own DNA.

At The Self Institute we look to connect and explore the infinite value in our connected data.


We Focus On Providing the Research and Tools For All Persons to Improve Quality of Life

How Are we Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic?

There are a deluge of Apps and products in the market to track different elements of COVID-19. The Apps service different masters, whether that be large corporations or Government sponsored bodies (or both). As the Self Institute, we are putting an App to market with a unique set of criteria: 

    • Your data a privacy is protected under the strict protocols
    • The App will keeps you up to date with the most trusted independent sources of information
    • The App adapts in real time to changing circumstances, providing different support services based on changing conditions
    • Our product is built for a global audience, in compliance with the most stringent data protection laws across all democracies
    • Our inclusive design means our App can be used by the broadest audience possible including those living with disabilities

Why We are Industry Leaders in Self-Tracking Research?

The Self Institute was founded by group of wildly different individuals, with one commonality: we have all enhanced or improved an existing health condition by connecting different research and date points from our own health and lifestyle.

We challenge professional boundaries of knowledge and embrace the belief that our human health is determined by an infinite number of connected metrics.

When we connect the data points from the broadest cross-section of our lives, we open up enormous possibilities for both individual and collective learning and improvement.

We are fascinated by the potential that machine learning can bring to help us all achieve our desired Absolute Human Health

We Focus on Data Inclusivity and Quality of Life

In our all work we challenge our thinking and product design to be relevant and accessible for all. We partner with internationally recognized inclusive design and leaders and systems thinkers to challenge and guide our work.

We look to the disabled community as the most accomplished systems thinkers and everyday life hackers to make us better.



Every day, herculean efforts are being made to harness the power of data and technology to help contain the rampant progression of the COVID-19 virus. Much is being written by the media in relation to connected devices, the collection of human data and the application of machine learning. The validity or progress and the motivation of the innovation is greatly varied.

Our role as The Self Institute is to distill the issues we see in the world and harness the opportunities we see for a more cohesive, impactful solution for the sole benefit of humankind. So lets start with the issues to solve:

Geography– Different regions of the world have different regulations addressing the  collection and usage of personal data. For example, what works for the US is not acceptable to European regulators. We are developing an App agnostic of geo-political borders, to help all humans. We are one human race, after all.

 Data sources– The stability, recency and accuracy of  COVID-19 data is varied. Different regions, countries and states are recording data and showing trends in different ways. So we are not comparing apples with apples when making fundamental decisions. We are sourcing the most respected and accurate data sources to guide our users with clear, articulate information

Real-Time Insights and Advice– In many instances data is being collected in real-time. But the insights and advice back to users is not. With a highly contagious disease, this delay in sharing of conditions and risk is severely hampering the ability of people to to make smart, preventative decisions based on real time health signals. Our real-time geo-mapping and traceability opt-ins allow you to analyze your own risk. 

Privacy of Information– Much of the data and information being gathered through this pandemic is in breach of our privacy protection and our human rights as individuals. This could have significant implications on our individual privacy in the future. In everything we do, we build our products to the highest standards of encryption. This means your data is safe. In all shared data exercises, you are explicitly offered the opportunity to Opt-In. 


Self-Tracking Research

Dedication to Absolute Human Health

At The Self Institute we are dedicated to the advancement of Absolute human Health. As a non-partizan not-for-profit business entity (with 501c3 status in America) we welcome partnership and support from all interested parties, dedicated to the ethics and advancement of our work

As we consider the inter-connection of different human health metrics we are reminded of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs:


The pinnacle of our hierarchy of human health metrics lies in the culmination of inter-connected data and insights from the different health and lifestyle sectors below. As we navigate to better understand the incremental value of this inter-connected data, we begin to better navigate an infinite journey of understanding and self-actualization



By connecting our financial data (such as bank accounts, credit card spending, mortgage status) we are able to track any correlation between our financial stability and our physical and mental health 


By sharing our media consumption metrics, we can better understand the impact of screen time vs non-screen time interaction with each other.


By tracking our accomplishments, education, and work, we can not only set goals and meet them, but track how other areas of life affect them.


The quantified-self movement has been happening for a while. We want to focus on as gathering as many physical data points as possible to allow for as much physical improvement as possible, whether exercise or medical.


By connecting our mental health regimen, we can better understand the impact of mental health practices on our bio-metrics

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