A federated EHR network data completeness tracking system

Author(s): Estiri, HosseinKlann, Jeffrey G.Weiler, Sarah R.Alema-Mensah, ErnestJoseph Applegate, R.Lozinski, GalinaPatibandla, NandanWei, KunAdams, William G.Natter, Marc D.Ofili, Elizabeth O.Ostasiewski, BrianQuarshie, AlexanderRosenthal, Gary E.Bernstam, Elmer...

Quantified Play: Self-Tracking in Videogames

Author(s): Egliston, Ben Abstract: This essay develops the concept of “quantified play” to describe and analyze the recent practice of self-tracking in the play of videogames. I argue that statistical, self-tracking utilities in videogames shape how gameplay “appears”...

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