The Internet of Things: Social dimensions

Author(s): Lupton, Deborah Abstract: The Internet of Things (IoT) is a vast, dispersed system in which a diverse array of objects, humans, and other living things is connected via “smart” technologies and the Internet. In this article, I present a thematic review of...

Data mattering and self-tracking: what can personal data do?

Author(s): Lupton, Deborah Abstract: Self-tracking practices have attracted burgeoning academic interest in recent years. This article draws on interviews with Australians who identify as regular self-trackers, examining the ways in which they describe their...

Recommender systems for IoT enabled quantified-self applications

Author(s): Erdeniz, Seda PolatMenychtas, AndreasMaglogiannis, IliasFelfernig, AlexanderTran, Thi Ngoc Trang Abstract: As an emerging trend in big data science, applications based on the Quantified-Self (QS) engage individuals in the self-tracking of any kind of...

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