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With more than 3000 metabolites, urine is an extraordinary witness to our health. It gives an immediate snapshot of the body’s balance and can help detect and monitor a large variety of health information. While urinalysis is typically performed only once a year, U-Scan opens the door to regular access to these metrics from the comfort and privacy of one’s own bathroom.

With U-Scan Cycle Sync, we aim to relieve women of the mental load that comes with monthly hormonal fluctuations. U-Scan is the world’s first hormonal-based cycle sync guide. In addition, we will provide key hydration and nutrition biomarker analysis, recommended actions based on cycle phases, and data correlation for an optimized menstrual cycle.

With Nutri Balance, we aim to make healthy eating a keystone of preventative health. Nutri Balance is the first non-invasive solution to evaluate the impact nutrition and water intake have on our metabolism. Depending on one’s objectives and results, actions—such as advice, recipes, and activities—will be recommended on a daily basis in order to help anyone find their balance.

The U-Scan For Professionals cartridge is an at-home solution to give health care professionals access to regular and accurate urinalysis data to easily monitor patients and health program participants. U-Scan For Professionals cartridge is designed to be fully customizable to provide groundbreaking data to assist medical research, clinical trials or remote patient monitoring*.

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