Price: $59.95


Improve your posture naturally with the Upright GO 2 smart posture trainer. Designed for all day use, this tiny device sits comfortably on your upper back and uses biofeedback to track your posture. If you slouch, it gently vibrates, and you straighten up. All of your posture stats and progress are synced to the FREE Upright App (available for iOS and Android). Highlights

  • Tiny device that trains your posture as you go about your day
  • Real-time posture feedback gently vibrates if you slouch
  • Strengthens your back and core muscles for better spinal support
  • Simple to use, no straps or belts, fits every body
  • Pairs with a FREE companion app (available on iOS & Android)
  • Builds healthy posture habits that last even when not wearing the device
  • Designed to help you start getting results in just 2-weeks
The SELF Institute