Price: $175.71


Take advantage of the Senstroke connected drums. A unique connected technology (no air drum here), patented that allows you to transform all the objects around you into a drumkit.

Senstroke has won numerous awards and has been presented at many trade shows around the world (CES, NAMM SHOW)…

Slide the sensors onto your drumsticks, connect them in Bluetooth to your smartphone or computer and play drums anywhere in less than 30 seconds! Plug in headphones, an amp, or leave the sound of your phone on so you can play anywhere, anytime, whenever you want.

Customize the Senstroke application to create the perfect acoustic drum clone. This way, you can perfect your routines and each Senstroke session improves your skills on your normal instrument.

WeGroove, the application that turns your smartphone into a drum teacher!
Play drums! Collect points! Level up! …
Sound like a video game? That’s because we designed it that way. Just like your favorite games, the WeGroove learning system gives you goals to reach and achievements to unlock, keeping you entertained and motivated to go further.

The SELF Institute