Price: $199.99


The Playermaker Kit transforms your cleats to Smart Cleats. Track your game, improve your speed of play and understand your playing style. Playermaker is the game changer in analytics used by hundreds of elite academies and players around the world.

Attach sensor to cleats and connect to the easy-to-use Playermaker app. The smart sensor system detects every movement of both feet. Technical and physical stats are tracked and sent directly to your phone. After every game or training, share performance results with coaches, parents or scouts.

To improve your ball control Playermaker tracks:

  • Number of touches.
  • Ball releases and possessions
  • Average duration on the ball
  • One touch and short/long possessions.
  • Kick velocity.
  • Understand the gaps between your dominant and weaker foot.

Get fit as Playermaker tracks your sprint distance, distance covered, top speed and work rate.

Get fast as Playermaker tracks your speed, acceleration and decelerations with or without the ball.

The SELF Institute