Mira | Fertility Tracker

https://www.miracare.com/?ajs_aid=919113fc-6a2f-4268-a699-3d7c5a3a6406 Price: Mira Max Starter Kit: $229 Mira Starter Kit: $199 Mira Confirm Bundle: $249 Description: Mira uses lab-grade technology to measure 4 key fertilityhormones through urine. Tracks LH, E3G,...

Plevo | The Runner

https://www.plevo.co/ Price: $367.00 Description: Perfect for all travelers seeking a stylish carry on with state-of-the-art technology. This suitcase makes your journey easier and more enjoyable. Fly through security thanks to the easy access for your essentials....


https://iristech.co/ Price: $1.99/month Description:

WOOLF Wristband

https://woolfid.com/ Price: 149,00€ Description: WEAR AND PAIR Quickly and easily with your smartphone and select your preferred options. PERCEPTIBLE VIBRATIONS Increasing vibrations alert you the presence of speed cameras, red traffic light cameras, average speed...

Joule Smart Earring Backings

https://shopjoule.com/ Price: Preorder for $88.00 Description: Optimize Heart Rate Cardio Workouts are only effective if you can maintain your heart rate within target zone, by continuously monitoring your pulse. Joule helps you to achieve the best results for your...

Ringly Luxe Bracelet

https://ringly.com/products/smart-bracelet Price: $165.00 Description: Activity tracking that complements your outfit. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style because you want to keep track of your activity. Step trackingGoals & reminders Alleviate stress and...

InvisaWear Bracelet

https://www.invisawear.com/ Price: $129.00 Description: THE MOST ADVANCED SAFETY DEVICE invisaWear's jewelry & accessories come with a premium subscription ($11.99/month). The subscription gives you access to additional features that allow you to be proactive...

Samsung Bespoke Smart Airdresser

https://www.samsung.com/us/air-dresser/ Price: $999-$1199 Description: The new way to refresh and sanitize your wardrobe at home.The deodorizing filter removes 99% of odors 5 while the Sanitize option eliminates 99.9% of common bacteria and viruses3 from fabric.Easy...

Lets Get Checked

https://www.letsgetchecked.com/ Price: Varies Description: Standard 5 STD Test Treatment options only $149 Easy at-home STD test to detect the same diseases commonly tested for by physicians. Male Hormone Complete Hormone levels only $199 PERFORMANCE INSIGHTS Our most...


https://www.mylabbox.com/ Price: Varies Description:

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