Smart sock v2.0 & Sensoria Core Price: $199 Description: This product includes:     - One pair of smart sock v2.0 made from high-tech running friendly fabric (only one sock instrumented with textile...

Siren Socks Price: Siren's Socks and Foot Monitoring System currently require a prescription. Description:

Oura Ring Price: $299 Description:

Smart Soccer Ball by DU | DribbleUp Price: Description: A Smart Ball is the ultimate new way to train for sports. Fun, interactive, and available at any skill level – if your family is into sports and you don't have a Smart Ball, you're missing out! Works...

Tobii Eye Tracker 5 Price: $229 Description: Tobii Eye Tracker 5 is the next generation of head and eye tracking, engineered for PC gaming. The only device capable of tracking both head and eye movements for game interaction, esports...

Fitbit Aria 2™ Wi-Fi Smart Scale Price: $321.60 Description: Measures weight, body fat percentage, lean mass and bmi. Aria air syncs stats wirelessly to computers and 200+ leading iOS and android devices via a...

cosinuss° Two – Cosinuss GmbH Price: €290.00 Description: Please note: cosinuss° Two is not a medical device, however it was evaluated and validated in several clinical studies. cosinuss° Two is an in-ear wearable sensor...

°Temp – Cosinuss GmbH Price: €149.00 Description: °Temp for better temperature monitoring. Only temperature, nothing else. Run time: 10 daysAccuracy: 0.1°C

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