Price: $299


Activity and fitness tracking

Oura translates your body signals and daily habits into actionable insights you can use to stay active and improve your overall health.

Period prediction and cycle tracking.

Oura uses your temperature to help you track your cycle and accurately predict your period up to 30 days in advance.

The most accurate consumer sleep tracker.

Oura helps you optimize your bedtime and provides insights to gradually improve your sleep.

Automatic nap and activity detection.

Oura automatically keeps track of your naps and activities (i.e., walks to the park, exercise, household chores) so you don’t have to.

Guided meditations, audio sessions, and more.

Access an ever-growing library of guided meditations and audio sessions, and view post-session insights to see how your body responds when taking a moment.

Heart Rate

Measuring heart rate isn’t easy. It’s why doctors and researchers try to get as close to your arteries as possible to get the most accurate and unfiltered reading.

While other “wristables” tend to measure from the top of your wrist (further away from arteries) Oura measures your signals from your fingers (right next to your arteries) where it can get the most accurate read.

Body Temperature

The latest in medical research is starting to show that your skin temperature (what Oura measures) can reveal information on how stress and illness affects your body.

It’s why UCSF scientists used Oura and its temperature sensors in a study about detecting COVID-19 before signs of symptoms. It’s also why we’ve expanded and improved the New Oura Ring’s temperature system.

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