NOWATCH is the first wearable in the world to offer this uniquely accurate technology to measure and predict stress.

Biosensing (By EDA) is using ElectroDermal Activity or skin conductance to interpret stress. The high dynamic range of skin conductance provides much more detailed insights into current levels of stress, offering awareness and insight into your cognitive zone – something a heart rate based measurement can never do.

Providing actionable insights into stress levels and mental states

In today’s distracted world, it’s increasingly difficult to stay attuned to your body’s signals, particularly around over- or under-stimulation.

NOWATCH’s prediction algorithm can determine your cognitive state or state of mind up to 60 minutes in advance.

The prediction, will give the user time to change his or her behavior for example by taking a walk, taking a break, or by doing some breathing exercises to better cope with the situation.

Sweat gland activity is directly correlated to stress

Sweat glands are the only organs directly coupled to the sympathetic nervous system, which stimulates the fight-or-flight response to various stressors.

Measuring cortisol contribution through skin conductance in this way is unique and never been done before. It registers the same response to Cortisol contribution when subjected to identical stressors, offering more robust and cleaner measurements and predictions.

The Biosensing (by EDA) technology developed by Philips is translated to a wearable for the first time in this smart sensor.

NOWATCH uses an infrared light photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor which reaches deeper than the green light LEDs found in most other wearables. We use this sensor for Heart Rate, Sleep, Activity and other insights.

The SELF Institute