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Health care professionals and their patients have a 21st century option to improve sleep. NightWare is a prescription digital therapeutic system for the reduction of sleep disturbance related to Nightmare Disorder or nightmares from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It is the first and only FDA-cleared, prescription digital therapeutic that improves sleep in adults 22 and older with Nightmare Disorder or nightmares related to PTSD.

The NightWare prescription digital therapeutic system uses intuitive Apple® products. We designed NightWare for patients who suffer from severe nightmares that are adversely impacting their sleep. It’s also important to us to provide physicians with an additional product that can help them improve sleep quality for their patients experiencing nightmares associated with PTSD and trauma.

As an FDA-cleared Class II medical device, NightWare: Helps patients with Nightmare Disorder improve their sleep within two weeks1 Is designed to reduce sleep disturbances without waking the patient Tailors the therapy based on each patient’s sleep patterns, adjusting treatment interventions as the device learns more about a patient’s unique sleep patterns Delivers a low-risk treatment that has no known drug interactions Improves sleep quality quickly Can be used with other treatments for nightmares and can be used with existing therapies for PTSD

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