Motus Hand: $399/month

Motus Foot: $699/month


The Motus Hand and Foot are the only FDA Class 1 at-home stroke rehab robots in the world with active assistance. Scientific studies have shown The Motus Hand and Foot induce equivalent functional improvements to those observed with standard clinical care. Motus technology uses high-dose repetitive task practice to induce neuroplasticity to help stroke survivors improve hand and foot function.

A Digital Therapist for Personal Rehab

The monitor that connects to the device displays games which provide the user with an interactive way to do their therapy.
The Motus AI constantly tracks and monitors user recovery so that it can adjust the level of assistance and resistance based on individual user needs.

Biofeedback To Rewire Brain Signals

The Motus Hand & Foot sensors detect when you’re making correct movements. A signal is sent to give your brain feedback when you complete a correct movement. Over time your brain will recognize these signals and be able to recreate the movement.

The SELF Institute