Price: $69.99


Moen Smart Wireless Soil Sensors pair with the Moen Smart Sprinkler Controller to intelligently optimize and completely automate inground home irrigation systems. By monitoring the moisture and temperature levels of the soil, the sensors ensure just the right amount of water is used—where and when it’s needed most—to ensure a healthy and lush landscape. Just set and forget.

Automatic Adjustments

The sensors will do the hard work for you by communicating with the Smart Sprinkler Controller to optimize and automate watering for every zone in your yard.

Precise Soil Measurements

The sensors monitor soil moisture and temperature at 1-, 3- and 5-inch depths to avoid under or over watering.

Customized Watering

Set watering limits for specific zones and soil types in the Moen Smart Water App based on each area’s needs. Place sensors anywhere in your yard to customize your watering for gardens, slopes, valleys, flat areas, and even sandy or rocky soil.

Reduce Water Waste

Keep your lawn healthy while potentially reducing water waste and saving on your water bills.

Easy Installation

Each sensor includes a lithium battery, which lasts up to 6 years, and the wireless design eliminates the need to bury cables in the ground. Easily install the sensors throughout your yard and garden by digging small holes and burying one sensor per zone flush in the ground.

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