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With Melomind 84% of users are relaxed after their first tryout.

In only fifteen minutes, the soundscape will immerse you into a state of true relaxation.

Melomind was conceived by a team of neuroscientists to change the underlying working of your brain.

With our device, you are not only listening to music, you are practicing neurofeedback. You will receive a real time auditory feedback which informs you of your state of relaxation. Much more objective, than a simple meditation session, Melomind teaches you to strengthen your positive neural connections and breaks away from the physiological cycle of stress.

Master yourself.

The more you practice, the more you will learn to consciously control your mental state.
Melomind and its neurofeedback training will bring you a better mastery of yourself. In order to have the best results, we encourage you to practice few times a week. Close your eyes and let the Melomind voice guide you towards inner calm and deep relaxation.

The SELF Institute