HoomBand, the headband that gets you to sleep with whispered stories.

  • Ultra-thin earphones and ultra-comfy headband.
  • +20h of stories and guided meditations written by sleep specialists.
  • Sleep stories available offline to stay disconnected.

How does it work?

  1. Place the headband on your head.
  2. Select a story that suits your desires.
  3. Close your eyes and peacefully drift off to sleep.

Loosen up and let yourself drift off with over 20 hours of content (developed by insomniacs and hypnotherapists)

★ Immersive stories:

travel back in time aboard the Orient Express., take off on a cosmic journey to Orion, etc.

★ Interesting and hypnotic documentaries:

explore Dali’s masterpieces, Einstein’s relativity, and more

★ Immersive soundscapes:

stroll through a village in Provence or the lands of Iceland, etc.

★ Profound meditations:

dive into the abyss of the ocean or into an evening in 1920s Parisian.

Price: $59.90


The SELF Institute