Price: $149-$319


The HabitAware Keen app is available on iOS and Android. Use Bluetooth to connect Keen to the app to train, track, and adjust Keen’s gesture detection settings. Once trained, Keen doesn’t need to be constantly connected to your phone.

Use the app to record YOUR individual gesture onto Keen. Check out our training video to learn how Keen uses your wrist angle, position, motion and speed to recognize your consistent, repetitive movement.

Keen’s vibration is a “hug” on the wrist, reminding you that your hands are not where you want them to be. Keen’s vibration is also your “self care alarm.” Keen is your permission to pause for a moment of self care and practice replacing your unwanted behavior with healthier coping strategies. Download our guide to learn how to identify the best strategies for YOU!

You can make progress with Keen’s awareness training practice and unleash the power within to take control. Reclaim your time and energy to go after your dreams!

The SELF Institute