Active Dual-Support

Provides support for two regions of the body – lifting and walking, with support for up to 30kg (66lbs) of lifting compensation

Multi-task Use

Best utilized in tasks involving lifting, unloading, static holds and walking, resulting in added energy and relief to your workers

One device – Custom Fit

Customize the main device with accessories tailored to your team. With leg straps and vest sizes ranging from XS-XL, ensure a tailored fit no matter who is wearing the device

Easy Deployment

Our customer support team is here with you at every step. We help drive user adoption through integration training, user insights and gamification

Effortless Wear

With a newly designed vest and floating connector, getting suited up for a shift is easier and more comfortable than ever before

Real-time Data

Monitor device usage and safety practices through the German Bionic IO insight platform

The SELF Institute