Price: $999.95


Loaded with ingenious features, this smart stand mixer takes the guesswork out of making breads, desserts, sauces and more. The built-in scale automatically weighs ingredients for greater accuracy and fewer dirty dishes, and the Auto-Sense technology works with recipes in the SmartHQ app to monitor changes in viscosity so you don’t have to. Keep an eye on the mixer’s progress—even from across the kitchen—with a glance at the status notification light ring and the digital display that shows the speed, timer and weight of ingredients. Use voice commands for hands-free operation and guided recipes for step-by-step instructions. The powerful motor handles the thickest batters and densest doughs without stalling or overheating, and the appliance turns off automatically when its timer ends so there’s no risk of overmixing. Over-the-air updates ensure the black mixer only gets better and more advanced over time.

The SELF Institute