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FOCI clips to your waist, the cognitive biometrics captures your mind states through your breathing pattern, helps you understand yourself better.

When you’re working, don’t let distraction slow you down. The Mind Orb switches color when you lose focus. This added self-awareness keeps you on track and focused.

You get to know every minute of focus, distraction, stress, and fatigue. Every detail counts, helping you evaluate how you have performed and how to improve.

Monitoring is not enough, and insight matters. FOCI’s AI mind coach gives you real time recommendation to boost your focus.

FOCI helps you improve focus in exactly the same way your personal trainer builds your muscles. It knows your potential by analyzing past records, and sets dynamic goals, that encourage you to achieve a little bit more.

When you leave focus or flow, FOCI lets you know you have done well and reminds you to refocus with a gentle vibration at your waist.

When you get distracted, FOCI guides you with mind techniques. Follow the simple steps, and bounce back to focus with speed.

When attention fatigue hits you after intense work, it is already too late. FOCI suggests you take action before fatigue grows, enabling you to quickly revive your mental agility with restorative mind techniques.

Biometric powered technology provides cognitive trainings that are tailored to you, improving the brain areas that are responsible for analyzing, planning and attention.

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