Price: $39.95


Empower your appliances.

Control your lights and appliances with a simple tap or by asking Siri, and see how much power they’re using. Or effortlessly set up schedules that put your appliances on autopilot, turning your floor lamps, dehumidifier and many other devices on and off independently of your iPhone or internet connection.

Talk or tap to control your home.

Already made yourself comfortable? Hands tied? Turn your devices on and off with a simple tap or by asking Siri. You can also control Eve Energy directly via the built-in switch, which you can protect against curious fingers by activating the child lock. 

Put your appliances on autopilot.

Schedules enable you to automate lights, humidifiers, fans and other vital devices. You can then get on with your business while your accessories get on with theirs – all without the need for a home hub and independently of your iPhone or internet connection. You could have a floor lamp turn on at sunset even if you’re not at home – that’s not only convenient, but also reassuring. 

Watch those Watts.

Curiosity. Costs. Conservation – reasons to monitor your power consumption and projected cost are aplenty. Eve Energy gives you the insight to embrace yours – and gain a complete overview by entering your electricity rate. 

The SELF Institute