CoachCare powers clinics with a virtual health and remote patient monitoring platform that reflects your unique workflow and protocol. Remote patient monitoring insurance features drive significant additional revenue while lowering the overall cost of care.

Price: $425-$3000 billed monthly


Typical Clinics see 4.2x ROI each year through RPM reimbursements

  • Drive more new patients into the clinic
  • Offer new connected device product line
  • Increase retention and keep patients coming back
  • Improve reactivation of lapsed patients
  • Boost patient referrals
  • Increase efficiency and reduce staff administrative burden
  • Build competitive advantage through technology
  • Maximize reimbursements for Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Track and manage every aspect of patient lifestyle change at all times
  • Improve coaching with personalized, actionable insights from real-time data
  • Effectively treat both immediate lifestyle challenges and long-term behavior change
  • Amplify interaction with your patients by staying connected between clinic visits
  • Read more about these benefits and more by downloading our free white paper
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