Price: $299.99


Live Tracking

Our on board processors allow you to get live uninterrupted data sent directly to your phone app so you can see exactly what you’re doing, while you’re doing it!

Personal Bests

Keep track of your best scores in the top five key metrics, share easily to social, and show your teammates and coaches that you’re a leader.

Pro Rating Comparison

Select from a range of pro data including Premier League Men and Champions League Women, and compare your physical performance to the game’s elite.

Leagues & Leaderboards

Compare yourself with Apex users worldwide and create your own leagues with your friends.

Calendar Dashboard

A dynamic way of keeping track of your training and match-day sessions, select from the eight most recent sessions recorded.

Multi-Session Battery

6+ hours battery life meaning you can track multiple games and sessions without needing a recharge.

Heart Rate Tracking*

Relay live HR info direct to your smart phone or analyse your HR trace post session. Compatible with magnetic & BLE ‘arm-based’ monitors.

*A separate Heart Rate monitor (like the STATSports Magnetic Heart Rate Monitor) is required to view Heart Rate metrics.

Apex Coach Series

Join a squad with a four digit code sent to you by your coach, join Apex Coaches Series – an iPad/Android tablet app that allows your coach to monitor multiple Athlete Series devices.

The SELF Institute