Price: $129.99


Airo detects when your stress levels are rising and nudges you gently to help you find your triggers. By visualizing your stressed and relaxed levels, Airo helps you find what coping mechanisms work vest for you. Psychiatrists say: “this is the potential to prevent mental illness!”

Airo syncs automatically and wirelessly with iPhone 5+ and Addroid 5+ using Bluetooth Low Energy wireless technology.

It’s connectivity range is up to 20m. However, if you go out of your connectivity range (ie. you are more than 20m away from your phone), the data will be saved on the flash memory and will transfer to your phone once you reconnect.

Airo allows you to track your stress levels to see how different tasks affect you. When it detects your stress levels are rising, it will vibrate on your wrist to bring your awareness to the moment. You can take a note of that using Airo’s journaling feature. This will help you identify your triggers and come up with coping strategies that work best for you.

The SELF Institute