Price: ABILIFY MYCITE® (aripiprazole tablets with sensor) is prescribed by your healthcare provider if it is right for you


After it is swallowed, ABILIFY MYCITE® (aripiprazole tablets with sensor) sends a tiny signal to a wearable Bluetooth®* patch that connects with your smartphone, allowing you to see your daily data all in one place.


ABILIFY MYCITE is a prescription smart pill with built-in technology the size of a grain of sand. The sensor is made entirely of ingredients found in most diets. It passes through your body naturally.


The nonmedicated MYCITE® Patch gets a signal from the smart pill after you swallow it.

The patch is made up of 2 parts:

  • a reusable Bluetooth® data pod
  • a disposable adhesive strip that holds the pod in place

The pod logs when you take your pill. Like an activity tracker, the pod also automatically logs your activity (number of steps you’ve taken that day) and time spent resting. The pod then sends the information to an app on your smartphone.


The MYCITE® App receives and displays the information from the Bluetooth patch. On the app, you can also record your mood, how well you rested, and the reason, if you didn’t take your pill. You can look at all this information at any time to see your medication routines and mood.

The SELF Institute